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This one is for all you Gothic singles out there looking for love in all the wrong places… now that I’m back on the market, I decided to check out what the INTERNETZ had in store for me… so, here it is: MY GOTHIC SINGLES DATING SITE ROUNDUP!

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I know it’s been a while… here’s a post to explain! Sorry for the delay all you beautiful Goths! More to come soon:

Hello out there all you Goths and Gothettes… It’s been some time since I last posted… so here’s another awesome Gothic list for you all! 

9 Unique Bookends for the Bookworm Goth! CLICK BELOW and live Gothic today! :-)

HAHAHA! Look at this poor little guy #youngfrustratedgothinthemaking
HEHEHEHEHE this is funny but also makes me a tad sad. It must be his clothes or something… or maybe I’m just getting old. 

Here’s one for all you gargoyle statue fans out there! Brand new post:

13 Awesome Gargoyle Statues!!! Come on over and check it out!

WOOHOO! Man the look on this guy’s face is PRICELESS… I was literally drinking coffee when I saw it too!

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Ok maybe the Knights of Templar skull was too “mainstream” for you! Y’know, maybe the whole “LEGIT” Illuminati carvings was a bit of a hard sell?
So here’s another one, the Russian Sea Captain skull! The level of detail on this one is ABSOLUTELY stunning! Please do the right thing and check these skulls out, there are MORE DESIGNS people! Uncarved human skulls for sale are SOOOOO predictable ;-)